The Tiffy Template

This is a small template that was made at the request of a friend of mine – Tiffany Brar.  Tiffy lost her sight as an infant but has not let her disability stop her from living a completely normal and fulfilled  life!


Braille Currency Sizer BRAILLE ENHANCED 12Nov2015

The Tiffy Template


Tiffy explained to me the difficulties that the blind had in identifying currency notes and the ‘Tiffy Template’  was made in response to her request.

The blind have great difficult in identifying  Indian currency notes. Notes have ‘supposedly’ raised tactile  identifier markings like squares, circles, rectangles and triangles.  Shape identification at this scale is a severe enough problem. The fact that the tactile features are almost non existent compounds the problem.


The Tiffy template is a credit card sized piece of plastic or stiff card with steps to indicate the length and  a notch to indicate the width.  A currency note is simply folded evenly over the template and felt. The length is indicated at the appropriate step. The width is felt at the notch.  Please look at the video explanation to help explain this to a blind friend.

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